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If programs have to be cancelled on short notice for any reason, such as weather, the LHP Alert system will be used.  You can subscribe to the alerts by using this link:    LHP Alerts from RainedOut.Net

Little Hunting Park Tennis Programs

LHP Tennis will offer opportunities for 3 types of activities that provide a foundation for player development:  Practice, Instruction/Lessons, and Competition

  • Practice at Little Hunting Park can be in organized groups, open play, and on the hitting wall.  Gators Team practice is a core activity.
  • Instruction is available for all ages in groups, semi-private or private lessons.
  • Competition is available in open play, as part of junior teams, and in Ladders and tournament play (assuming sufficient interest)

Practice, lessons, and competition at LHP will fit within the Developmental Pathway framework.  Players size, age and skill levels will progress along the Pathway from Red to Orange to Green to Yellow.

Tennis is sport of controlled power and the dimensions of the court, compression level of the balls, and the size of the racquets can all scale to create competitive games of varying levels.  These variations can be used to aid both skill development and tactical play making.

If you are getting your first racquet, or getting your young player’s first or next junior racquet, here are some considerations.

Tennis is not just a perfect weather activity, however sometimes severe conditions can get in the way.  Here is the severe weather policy. The Advantage Tennis Status page does not currently apply to LHP Tennis.



Gator Tennis Team Fees, also for Little Gators, includes practice and matches:

MVCT matches for the Gators Team are generally on Wednesdays and Sundays in June and July for 8 weeks.   Practice is Monday through Friday for both Gators Team and Little Gators, except on match days.  Little Gators will have practice on days of away matches, but not on days of home matches.

  Practice begins on in the evenings before school is out.  After schools are out practice and some lessons will switch to the morning.

  • 1 child: $
  • 2 Children: $
  • 3+ Children: additional $ for each

Beginning June Xth for X weeks, Monday through Friday, in the evening:

  •  Little Gator “Team” Practice**
  • 6:50 – 8:00: Team Practice for 11 to 18s** (Serve, Rally, Score mandatory)

Beginning June Xth Monday through Friday, in the morning, :

  • Team Practice for 11 to 18s  (Serve, Rally, Score mandatory)
  • Little Gator “Team” Practice (Red, Orange)

Register here for Gators Team or Little Gators


Little Hunting Park Tennis Ladders:  $$ Free

Ladders are a means for organizing a hierarchy of players based competitive match play.  A ladder provides a framework for who plays who in periodic matches and ranks the players based on their wins and losses.

Depending on how many players on the ladder, the Orange/Green ladder for juniors is likely to have 2 levels within it – one level of players who are just becoming proficient in match play; and another level of more experienced players.   The ladder may intermix the new match players with the experienced players, or the ladder may keep them separate.  The Orange/Green ladder will operate to meet the needs of the junior players in the ladder.

2 Ladders for Little Hunting Park Members to choose from:

  • Orange / Green Ladder – for competition-ready (serve, rally, score, consistency) players 15 and under
    • The Orange/Green Ladder is targeted to start the week of 12 June
  • Yellow – for recreational players 16 and up, competition-ready for open level play with members of all play levels
    • The Yellow Ladder will start whenever at least 6 players have registered

Register here  for the Ladders.


Instruction / Lessons

Group lessons for children and adults will be created in ways to fit the needs of the players, and nominally offered in 5 lessons programs (e.g. daily for a week); and 6 lessons programs (e.g. every Wednesday for 6 weeks; or every Tuesday/Thursday for 3 weeks).

Later in the summer High Intensity Tennis Training is also planned for junior players for a week at a time.

Lessons may be characterized as “Red”, “Orange”, “Green” or “Yellow” to indicate the difficulty level or maturity level of the lesson for the students.

  • “Red” could indicate, for example, players that are: beginning to learn tennis at any age; under 8 years old; under 4′ 6″ tall; playing on a 36′ court; and/or using a small racquet.
  • “Orange” could indicate, for example, players that are: learning to rally consistently; participating in Cardio Tennis with a full-size racquet; are intermediate level juniors; are under 11 years old; and/or playing on a 60′ court.
  • “Green” could indicate, for example, players that are: increasing control and spin; intermediate level juniors; are 9+ years old and tall enough for the bounce in the strike zone; advance players developing extra power or spin; adults or seniors with reduced mobility or injuries; and/or playing on at least 60′ court.
  • “Yellow” could indicate, for example, players that are: tall enough for traditional balls to nominally bounce in the strike zone; intermediate or advanced level players; and/or playing with full size racquets on a 78′ court.

So for instance a “Red lesson for 7 to 9 year olds” may include activities or drills of simpler difficulty and smaller dimensions than an “Orange lesson for 7 to 9 year olds”.

Register here for lessons.


Socials and Other Events

Adult socials and tournaments, junior players play-days, and your good ideas will be added here.

Next tennis social:  TBD



The LHP Tennis coaches are dedicated to providing safe, fun and quality tennis development programs for Little Hunting Park children and adults.  For 2017 we plan to take advantage of the combination of seasoned experience and youthful energy and relations as we combine our senior coaches with our younger assistant coaches for most programs.


Our assistant coaches are:


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